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The REAL Wardrobe Staples: Top Ten Items to Live the Good Life

Fashion magazines have long been extolling legions of lists on what skirt length is truly a staple, how many white button up dress shirts you need in your wardrobe, and the 10 pieces every woman must own. I'm counting down the top 10 items you need to live the good life.

10. A little "I feel great" dress.

It's a commonly held belief that every wardrobe should have a "little black dress" or the "little white dress" on hand in every shape and cut. I'm a staunch advocate of the little "I feel great dress". Whether it's hot pink, sequins, or a super long flowy silk floral number...avoid the typical cliches and go with how you feel. Every woman needs a dress that makes her feel and look amazing.

9. Heels you can dance all night in.

They might not be your sexiest pair of shoes, but they'll keep you comfortable long after all of the ladies teetering around in 5 inch heels and pin thin stilettos have exited the dance floor. There is nothing like dancing all night with your friends, family, and/or significant other....don't be left on the sidelines nursing your sore feet. Every closet needs a pair of heels that go with everything, fit every occasion, and can be danced and pranced in all night. I suggest a low 2.5 inch heel with an almond toe and padded foot bed.

8. A workout outfit that pushes you to do your best.

Every woman and every wardrobe needs a workout look that brings out your inner strength, confidence, and determination. Whether its a tank and shorts, or a hoodie and leggings....you need an outfit that brings out your tiger stripes.

7. A shoe that makes you feel invincible.

For each and every woman, this shoe is different. For some ladies a stiletto conveys power and authority, and for others the combat boot is the footwear of warrior goddesses. Some ladies like a good gladiator sandal...it all depends on the wearer. The most important thing is that whatever the shoe, it puts a pep in your step and a sashay in your stride.

6. The coat that stops traffic.

It might be a $700 Max Mara stunner, or the jacket you thrifted in college for under $20...the most important part is that it stops traffic; or at least makes you feel like it could. Go for something that feels right and has a bit of drama. Go for something long, luxurious and in your favorite color...you'll feel like a million bucks.

5. Sunglasses that make you feel like you're living in a classic movie.

We live in a world where everyone is too caught up in how they look and they forget to focus on how they feel. Rather than worry obsessively about how you look; why not throw on a pair of fun sunglasses in a retro shape and view the world as if you're living in a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

4. A bag that holds everything you need for an adventure.

Fashion magazines build entire issues around articles on each season's must have bags, and I love a sharp designer bag just as much as any fashionophile. ( I regularly state that Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram is a neutral.) However, what's most important is that you have a bag with a purpose and a life story. Buy a bag this year that you can take on an adventure, and then go!

3. A sweater from someone who loves you.

It can be from your husband, grandma, best friend, boyfriend, mom, dad, or college roommate as long as it was gifted, lended, or swiped with love. Rather than focusing on the finest angora and cashmere hanging in your closet; focus on the warm embrace from a beloved sweater. It feels like a hug from your loved one every time you're feeling down.

2.  The suit that shows the world that you mean business.

Every woman should own at least one suit.

1. A smile. Must have accessory.


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