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The Cleanest Alcohol Available Today

Our innovative wines are the cleanest and tastiest way to enjoy alcohol. We use premium organic ingredients to give you the absolute best for your body. With SOCIAL, you'll be empowered to live a more vibrant and connected life and wake up with the energy to share your gifts with the world.

Meet Leah

When I was 26 years old I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Instead of surgery, I took control of my health and I quit drinking, became vegan, and learned about holistic ways to heal. Three years later and my cancer was gone! My social life took an understandable back seat through my health struggles. Once I beat my cancer, I was ready to get my social life back without compromising my passion for health and wellness.  

I realized that there was no alcoholic option that I could feel good about drinking. I wanted to drink something I could enjoy without regretting it the next day. Something with real ingredients I could trust. With nothing on the market that fit my standards, I set out to create a truly clean beverage with both flavor and health benefits.

In 2014, SOCIAL was born! Every sip is made to inspire greatness and reflect the ambitious nature of those who enjoy it. With SOCIAL, you can taste the difference.  


Leah Caplanis

Founder & CEO of SOCIAL Sparkling Wine

SOCIAL Gives Back

Since launching in 2013, SOCIAL has donated over $300,000 in-kind to non-profits, grassroots organizations, and other companies that share our mission of bringing people together and empowering one another.

Welcome to social!

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