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Top 3 Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and unfortunately, for many of us, this means overindulgence. More food, more alcohol, more lounging (less exercise)…and I’m pretty sure every single one of us has heard a joke about wearing “stretchy pants” at the family party.  

I’ve read numerous articles about “staying fit” during the holidays and it drives me crazy that many of the articles start with saying that it’s ok to binge during the holiday season and that we shouldn’t stress out too much about it.  

I’m certainly not telling everyone to stress out this holiday season, but when did it become ok to binge? And why is this excessive eating even part of our holiday traditions anyways? Shouldn’t we focus on being with our loved ones, sharing stories and activities, rather than bombarding our kitchens with overly sugared foods?  

Here are my three simple tips for staying fit during the holidays:

  1. Workout every single day. Yes, I know the gyms might be closed on certain days, but maybe that gives you the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty; bundle up and workout outside.  Go for a jog, head to a local park and do some walking lunges, jumping jacks, and high knees. If it really is too cold outside, that’s when a home workout DVD can be very helpful. BeachBody has some wonderful at-home programs like PiYo, TurboFire, and P90X. (They make great holiday gifts, too…hint hint.)
  2. Fill your plate with protein and fiber.Struggling with all the food to choose from? The simple rule of thumb is to fill up on protein and fiber. Turkey, chicken, ham… pile on the protein! Get your fiber from veggie dishes like green beans, brussels sprouts, etc. When you are craving another food item – bread, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. – just make sure the portion size is a lot smaller than the protein and fiber on your plate. It’s all about portions, people!
  3. Limit the booze.  I know we’re in “celebration mode” during the holidays or maybe it’s your family culture to consume one too many beverages during dinner. Just remember; alcohol affects your waistline, as well as your state of mind, and it can leave you feeling much less energetic the next day, which doesn’t help you with tip #1. Opt for low-calorie, low-alcohol drinks – like SOCIAL Enjoyments or champagne – to keep you from overdoing the booze.   

Others want to wait until January 1stto be healthier, but I say start today! Happy, healthy holidays, everyone!   ☺

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