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SOCIAL Sparkling Wine: New Flavor Permanently Added to the Lineup

SOCIAL Sparkling Wine Strawberry Rose flavor to be released in May

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS May 25, 2018 SOCIAL Sparkling Wine is pleased to announce the release of their new flavor, Strawberry Rose. This is the SOCIAL Sparkling take on a traditional Rosé, but with real organic rose extract.

The new drink is light and sweet with hints of floral from the rose. Since there is real rose extract in the drink, it is packed with all the benefits that rose has to offer. Not only are roses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant-rich, they are also relaxing! Feel free to sip on the newest flavor, unwind from a long day, and drink a clean and organic product.


After trying Strawberry Rose, many customers fell in love with Strawberry Rose. SOCIAL Sparkling Wine consumer Becca F. expressed her love, “So thankful for this! I can’t do sugar and this is so perfect for me. It’s finally a drink I don’t wake up feeling awful the next day. Yay!Strawberry Rose is one of the sweeter tasting SOCIAL Sparkling drinks, but still only has 1G sugar.  

SOCIAL Sparkling Wine fans and Rosé lovers can find the product in a variety of retailers across the country. The brand hopes that consumers fall in love with the product and enjoy their unique take on a popular wine. Strawberry Rose is a permanent addition to the SOCIAL Sparkling family so customers don’t have to worry about restocking on this product.


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