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What does a typical day in your life look like?

Now that I’m back in Chicago, I’m right back to work! After spending most of my budget while traveling... I am committing my summer to working hard and preparing for the fall. From day to day you’ll find me hanging out with kids at my full time nannying position. Otherwise, I’m at my favorite coffee shop job hunting for opportunities back in France.

What motivates you to travel?

Since I was 10 years old, when I first visited France, I have been fascinated with other cultures. I spent much of my time in grade school learning French and trying to find my ticket back! When I graduated from college, I was accepted into a program to teach English in France for a year. Once I moved there, I was so close to new types of history, food, music, cultural practices, and languages ... I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to learn more. While abroad, I traveled as often as I could and was able to discover some beautiful new destinations.

What are some of your favorite places to travel to?

Over the whole year of excitement, although it’s hard to choose, my favorite places were Málaga, Spain, and Prague, Czech Republic. Málaga’s gorgeous beach and sparkling city was so fun and a much-needed thaw after a week in Norway. As for Prague, the city itself had so many interesting things to see. It was my first stop in Eastern Europe and I couldn’t believe how different it was. If you ever go there you must try delicious Czech goulash and the original Pilsner beer from Plzeň, Czech Republic.

Okay I lied, I thought of a third favorite... Zürich, Switzerland! I spent a weekend with my old exchange student (and amazing sister) who was able to show me all the great things Zürich has to offer. The city has such a crazy mix of the old and the new. Its unique atmosphere made for a busy and fun weekend.

Where do you want to go next?

Well ideally, I’m planning to go back to France this fall. I want to continue practicing the language while also starting my career in marketing (hence all the job hunting this summer!).

As for dream trips, it’s so hard to choose because there are so many unique places to visit. I never had the chance to visit southern Italy, so I definitely want to head down there. Croatia has also been on my list because of the beautiful, and as far as I’ve heard, underrated coastline and mountains. But I’m definitely keeping my options open to where the inexpensive flights bring me!

Being a recent graduate, what is some advice you have to students that are graduating or just graduated?

Well, when I first graduated, I didn’t really feel overwhelmed because I had my whole France program to look forward to. But now that I am back in Chicago and really facing the unknown, I can see how many decisions I need to make. One thing I can say that has helped me stay focused and not too overwhelmed is picking a decision, sticking to it, and working wholeheartedly towards that decision. There are so many things that I COULD do at this point career and living wise, but I’ve realized that going over and over all that in my head is not helpful anymore. Even if I’m not completely sure, I’ve committed myself to one avenue because half-doing four options is less powerful than fully-doing one.

What is your personal motto?

My personal motto is, “Dans un an, tu souhaiteras avoir commencer aujourd’hui,” which translates to, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.”

The phrase struck me many years ago. I love it because I can apply it to any goal I’m working towards, and it helps me think of the future.

What speaks to you most about SOCIAL?

I first got to know the SOCIAL team when I was an intern my sophomore year at DePaul. Hearing about Leah’s journey, and all the hard work she put in, inspired me because she knew what she wanted and went for it. I admire her for creating a product that she could really believe in when she didn’t see any other option. The SOCIAL team’s dedication to health and happiness is a rare gem in today’s market.

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  • I love Social! Lynnea introduced it to us – so delish! Thanks for this fantastic product!

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