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SOCIAL Babe Spotlight: Kady Zinke (@kadyluxe)

I think we can all agree our go to "look' right now has been a combination of pjs, workout clothes, and an entire can of dry shampoo. The numerous daily video conference calls can attest that this is true. 

But as we enter into week four (I think) of saying home, a phrase popped into my head while pulling up the same baggy sweats I've worn all week...."Look good, feed good"...right? 

That's exactly what Kady was thinking when she launched KadyLuxe. Back when she was dancing for the NBA, no clothing fit her fluid lifestyle of running from work, to rehearsals or game nights to date nights. She needed a wardrobe that she could sweat in and go out in without having to change. But Kady was not thinking your typical shinny jeans and a blouse, instead she was focused on Athleisure. 

We were so excited to chat with Kady and learn more about how this Boss Babe is taking over the Athleisure industry. You can read our interview with her below: 


What’s your brand story?

I had a vision to make the 1st invisible feel, knee-padded protective legging for dancers. I was rehearsing almost every day and my knees and my teammates saw a lot of abuse from the hardwood floors. But, there was nothing on the market outside of bulky volleyball pads to wear to protect ourselves. With $500 and a problem to solve, I launched a successful kickstarter campaign raising $23k to kickoff my company Kadyluxe. The kickstarter giveaway Moto Legging I designed and somehow figured out how to manufacture with little to no experience in the fashion industry, garnered unexpected demand from dream retailer names, but I had zero left to sell. This is when I decided to design a collection of athleisure/activewear pieces that fit my on-to-go lifestyle and unique personal style. At the same time, I felt pulled to serve female sports fans better active fashion. Dancing in the NBA, opened my eyes to the pathetic selection of apparel for female fans. Today, Kadyluxe serves not only the active-minded fashionista, but also female sports fans across 50+ college campuses and inside  NBA, NFL and NHL stadiums nationwide who are seeking fashionable, team-branded styles they can be proud wearing.  My original dream for a protective legging for dancers and cheerleaders continues in R&D and is expected to test the market in 2021.
Where do you hope to see KadyLuxe in 5 years? Any dream retailers, partners, collabs?

I love talking vivid vision. People often over estimate what they can accomplish in a year and under estimate what they can do in 3 or 5. In 5 years, I want Kadyluxe to be recognized globally as the top fashionable sportswear brand working with every large sports team sold in every stadium and online thru Kadyluxe.com.
What was your occupation before KadyLuxe?

I had several occupations leading up to Kadyluxe. I was a aspiring actress, a professional dancer, publicist and director of sales.
What does a typical day in your life look like?  Most days, I work in my showroom in Denver with my office buddy, my husky pup, Ghosty. I do my best to get a workout in every day be it a walk with Ghost, a dance class, Pure Barre class or lifting session at the gym with my trainer.
Who are some of your biggest influences? Or people you look up to?

I look up to Sara Blakely. I feel her and I have a lot in common and I hope to eat lunch with her someday. (@Sarablakely)
What are some of your passions?

Dance has and will always be a passion. It helps me unwind, destress, get into my creativity and release any negative feelings I may have. It truly is a medicine for the soul. I also love water sports. I am a pisces, so yes, I love to do anything in water, my favorite being driving boats, waterskiing and surfing behind the boat on a hot summer day with friends or family.
What are some lessons or mottos you have for other women following a similar life/career path as you?

Remember building a solid team and securing financial partners are key ingredients to scaling any business after you’ve proven it out. I’ve done Kadyluxe on my own most of the way, and if I could go back, I’d take investment earlier, invest in great people and remember that mistakes are the best education.
What’s something you wish you could tell your younger self?

To save more money and never worry about the how.
What’s your favorite food? Least favorite?

Favorite food is a really good Colorado green chile smothered burrito and marg...or a SOCIAL Sparkling Wine ;)  I hate goat and blue cheese. I think it smells like dirty feet, yuck!
Favorite weekend activity?

In the summer, boating and in the winter heading to the mountains with my boyfriend to hide away from the world and enjoy a good fire and glass of wine.


Last year SOCIAL partnered with KadyLuxe for branded clothing that our marketing and sales teams could wear at tradeshows, meetings, and everyday life. Our team LOVED the gear - it fit like a glove and the fabric felt like silky butter on your skin! 

To upgrade your workout attire for more activities than just the gym, you can shop KadyLuxe Online or visit their Denver Showroom

Be sure to follow along with KadyLuxe's journey on Instagram @kadyluxe!

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