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How Successful People Find Balance (Even When There's Still More to Do)

If you feel like you’re constantly behind no matter how hard you work, The SOCIAL Life’s Natasha Lindor is here to help you feel balanced and further ahead (even when you’ve got unfinished to-dos).

If you’re like most driven people, you’re all about getting things done. Your days start and end with checking things off your list, and you take pride in being organized and productive.

The problem is that there will always be something more to do. When you’re a high-achieving go-getter, there is never an “end.” Just thinking about all that you could or “should” be doing makes you feel miserable. (And, who wants to add misery?)

The good news is that this month’s Enjoy Your #SocialLife Challenge will shift your focus so you can actually find balance and feel great about what you've accomplished, even though you still have a long list of to-dos.

If you want to feel energized and motivated at the end of the day even with unfinished items on your list, take a cue from happy, successful people and focus on what really matters: what you have done.

When you have big goals in mind, it’s easy to get in the habit of focusing on everything you still have to do and miss the chance to give yourself enough credit for the hard work and dedication you've invested toward your vision.

Let’s say you’re looking for a new job and you updated your resume. Sure, you still have lots of other things to do in order to find a job (like reach out to contacts and write a cover letter) on top of your everyday to-dos.

The issue with this tunnel vision is that if you focus on everything ahead of you, you’ll quickly find yourself stressed and feeling very overwhelmed with little energy and motivation. This special kind of overwhelm slump makes it impossible to get anything done. (And whatever gets done will either not be your best work or the effort you put into it will leave you feeling very drained.)

When you do take the two to three minutes to reflect and really acknowledge the steps you've taken towards getting the new job, you're actually rewarding yourself with a boost in your spirit that will help power you through the next round of to-dos. (Now that sounds like the type of energy you need to be productive!)

This is a lot simpler than you may think.

Reframe your To-Dos into Ta-das. Pay attention to what you’ve accomplished by highlighting the to-dos you’ve completed in your favorite color to “celebrate” your progress. Or if you love making lists, you can keep a running list of everything you’ve accomplished.

Whichever option you choose, this simple reframe creates a motivating focus on the progress you made during the day instead of pushing you to beat yourself up for what didn’t get done.

The Ta-Da list is a great way to create balance in this beautiful journey called life so you don’t have to wait for everything to be done to finally feel satisfied.

Taking just one or two minutes to reflect allows you to check in on your progress, acknowledge your accomplishments and make adjustments as needed to get things done without adding additional stress on yourself. (Because, who needs more stress?!)

Enjoy Your #SocialLife Challenge

Start a Ta-Da list to keep track of the progress you are making so you can celebrate your successes (even the small ones).This simple practice will help you find balance even when you have unfinished items on your list.

And if you’re ready to really take your happiness to the next level, be sure to grab this month’s special bonus gift (it’s FREE!).

Remember: You always have a choice. You don’t have to feel constantly behind, no matter how hard you work.

You can choose to do something now  to find balance even when there’s more to do. Start by taking a couple minutes daily or weekly to capture your Ta-Das and download these 10 powerful questions for more happiness and success in the next 12 months.

I believe in you and your happiness. You can do this, and I’m here to help you make this year and beyond your best years yet — without compromising your success and what matters most.

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