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Exercise Tips for the Traveling Gal

Last year I took more than 30 flights – some domestic, some international.  And for those of you doing the math, that means I was flying to different cities at least twice a month. Between client meetings, video shoots, and visiting my long distance boyfriend, 2015 was definitely a year of travel.  And so far, 2016 is putting up the same kind of numbers!

For all of your traveling gals out there, I’m here to say that traveling does NOT need to get in the way of your fitness.  In fact, traveling can make fitness even more fun!  

Here are my tips:

Invest in Class Pass. What an incredible membership for the traveler! Not only can you customize your workout classes and dabble in many different formats while at home, but the app also works (at no additional cost) at a number of different cities in the U.S. and abroad. My monthly fee for Class Pass is $119 and I have personally gone to fitness clubs in Chicago, San Francisco, London, Miami, St. Louis and more. I plan to use the app in New York City this month. When I arrive at my destination, I simply visit the app and see which gyms are close by. Then, BOOM, I’ll book a class and go workout at that club.

Create a workout plan for the hotel gym. Ok, I’ll admit…the workout rooms at hotels are often minuscule and don’t have much equipment. It’s even worse when you show up and the two treadmills are already taken! Without a plan, this can leave you feeling frustrated and worried that a workout might not happen. What I like to do is check out the fitness room as soon as I check into the hotel – even before I take my suitcase to my room! I view the exercise room, take a mental inventory of the equipment available, and start writing out a workout plan in the “Notes” app on my phone. That way, when I get there to workout, I know exactly what I want to do. And if the treadmill is taken, I have other exercises to choose from. Here’s an example of my hotel workout last week:

45-minute hotel workout:

15 minutes – treadmill run

2 minutes – jog

2 minutes – faster run

1 minute – sprint

REPEAT 3 x’s

15 minutes – using dumbbells

15 reps – squats

15 reps – lunges

15 reps – plank rows

15 reps – shoulder press

15 reps – bicep curls

15 reps – tricep overhead extensions

1-minute plank hold

REPEAT 3 x’s

10 minutes – treadmill run


5 minutes – abs

1 minute –  side-plank hold – 30 seconds each side

1 minute – basic sit-ups

1 minute – plank hold

1 minute – butterfly sit-ups

1 minute – bicycle crunches

Stretch at the end of your workout. ☺

Be an early bird. Get up early and workout BEFORE you start the rest of your day. If you are traveling for work, it’s easy to get suckered into dining out with co-workers, having a few drinks, etc. The best time to workout is in the morning. So make sure you get to bed relatively early, set your alarm, and get a nice sweat in before anything else. No excuses!


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