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Dr. Masaru Emoto's Theories on Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who brilliantly studied water and discovered that humans have a direct and incredibly impactful effect on the molecular structure of water. Why are we telling you about this? Because SOCIAL Sparkling is officially launching a line of delicious botanical sparkling waters thoughtful made with love and kindness!

Through Dr. Emoto's studies, he realized that water is deeply connected to human consciousness. He conducted experiments exposing water to both positive and negative influences

like playing soft, kind music versus loud, angry music. He also put water in bottles and wrote notes of love and gratitude on one, and wrote mean and hateful words on another. During his experiments, something incredible happened. The water exposed to positive influences created beautiful crystals, and the water exposed to negative influences created ugly misshapen crystals.

This got Dr. Emoto to thinking about how humans are made up of 70% of water. Can you imagine the effects that we can have on people when we emit positive, kind, and grateful energy?

Our mission at SOCIAL is to create products that foster positive, happy, and healthy connections. Just like Dr. Emoto, we set out to provide infinite love and gratitude to others. Try our delicious sparkling waters made with organic essences and extracts. They are USDA certified, sodium-free, and never made with natural or synthetic flavors.


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