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Hibiscus Cucumber

This flavor’s personality is a lovely sweet woman. She’s always lady-like and gentle. You can find her wearing soft pinks, delicate fabrics, and peaceful prints. She’s beautiful and classy.

Elderflower Apple

This flavor is the chic, all-American girl next door. You can find her wearing fall clothes. She’s the perfect mix of city and suburban living. She loves being outside. You can usually find her cooking in her kitchen, trying new recipes, and watching football.

Strawberry Rose

This flavor is Parisian and romantic. She’s a who likes to indulge and draw herself a candlelit bath. She’s always wearing something show-stopping and dramatic. She’s sensual and chic.

Pink Grapefruit Ginger

This flavor is the girl that’s the life of the party. She’s a festive city girl with lots of spunk. She’s chic and trendy. You can find her on a boat party adding vodka to our Pink Grapefruit Ginger SOCIAL for a skinny Moscow Mule.

Toasted Coconut Almond

his flavor is always ready for a vacation. You can find her at the beach, by the pool, or on a tropical adventure. Her style is all about the island vibes. She’s warm, fun, and athletic.

Pumpkin Chai

This flavor is the girl who loves getting a pumpkin chai lattes. She’s having fun in the winter and loves the holidays. You can find her with her family making fun memories filled with tradition. She’s always ready for the winter months and doesn’t let the cold weather slow down her style.

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