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The SOCIAL Workplace

Ever since high school, Leah Caplanis, CEO, and founderof SOCIAL Sparkling Wine, had wanted to own her own business -- but the focus wasn't always on healthy living.

As she progressed through her education and the business world, her idea changed. First, Caplanis wanted to start a t-shirt company. Then, her focus shifted to home goods emblazoned with positive sayings. Finally, Caplanis realized that above all, she wanted to create a product that would encourage healthy lifestyles. Today, SOCIAL Sparkling Wine is “basically…the platform for all of these things to manifest.”

SOCIAL Sparkling Wine produces canned sparkling wine, but has manifestations of Caplanis' other visions, like branded t-shirts, in the works. SOCIAL is an accessory to a healthful lifestyle with its low ABV content and calories.

However, Caplanis' vision for healthy living didn't stop at consumers. Caplanis makes sure her office space is a healthy and positive space for employees. “I’ve always been interested in creating an environment that is creative and comfortable,” Caplanis said.

A Space to Be Yourself

The idea of healthy living can go beyond food or drink. At the SOCIAL Office, it takes on another meaning.  The SOCIAL Office is nestled in an apartment complex in Old Town, a quiet neighborhood in the heart of Chicago's Northside. Inside, the office is a spacious loft that doubles as a place for people passionate about healthy living.

The decoration of the office is intended to promote positivity and happiness.

On the desks and countertops, scented candles and essential oil diffusers quietly fill the space with seasonal aromas, illustrating Caplanis' enthusiasm for an environment that prioritizes comfort.

The beige-and-pink walls of SOCIAL are complemented by potted plants, adding pops of greenery to the industrial loft. The walls are adorned with positive phrases such as "Celebrate Everything" and near Caplanis' desk, "She believed she could, so she did".

That's another thing about the SOCIAL space -- there are no walls separating interns from the CEO.

The desk of Caplanis, CEO, and the other full-time employees are mere feet from a long, white table in the center of the loft where interns work, making supervisors accessible. Part of healthy living means creating a space where everyone feels comfortable and part of a group.

“We don’t have to worry about big business...like [in them] you can’t talk about love too much, or you can’t talk about being happy, or being sad even...this is a place where we can talk about these things,” Caplanis said.

She finds this supportive environment very important in order to maintain a positive and creative energy throughout the day to make SOCIAL the best it can be. By encouraging healthy living, both mentally and physically, in her office, Caplanis and her team are better prepared to connect consumers with healthy living through her products.

For employees, SOCIAL is not just a place to work, but a place where they feel at home, supported, and see their hard work turn into something great.

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