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There's nothing we love more than supporting fellow badass female entrepreneurs. We had the honor of chatting with Chicago native Jessica Zweig. Jessica is the CEO and Founder of SimplyBe, a full-service personal branding agency, who is making serious waves in the industry. Jessica leads a team of AMAZINGLY talented women and she recently won Entrepreneur of the Year! We're kinda obsessed with her...which is why she is truly the ultimate SOCIAL Babe.

What does a typical day in your life look like?


A perfect morning for me is: wake up, meditate for 10 minutes and journal for another 10. Brew some bulletproof coffee and head off to Pure Barre Bucktown by 7am. I’m home by 8 to shower and get ready to make it to the office by 9am. My days are usually a swirl of meetings with my team and clients. These take place all over the city, but I’m often found at Soho House—as it’s my favorite place to meet clients. I am usually off to an event after work to support a colleague, or network, or sit on a panel, or have dinner with a friend. I’m home by a reasonable hour to snuggle with my dogs and kiss my husband.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

It’s honestly really, really, really hard. I travel constantly, and it feels the more my business grows, the more demand there is on my time, and very little space left for me. I try to stay in most nights of the week if I don’t have an event, and really draw a boundary on Friday nights at 5pm. That’s my holy night where my husband and I shut off the world and just connect at our home, watch movies and snuggle with our dogs. I think carving out intentional moments of connection and play are the ways to at least create some balance.

What are some of your passions?

Empowering young women. Protecting animals. And hands-down my BIGGEST passion is traveling the world.

Who are your biggest influences?

My dad - the OG entrepreneur who started with nothing and built a multi-million dollar business. My mom - the sweetest person I have ever met, who’s inspired me to look at everything with empathy and non-judgement. My mentors, Kathy Quinn and Denise Senter, two women who kick my ass to be better. And finally, Gwen Stefani. I think she’s timeless. Full of glamour, talent, passion, heart, entrepreneurialism and vulnerability. She is true goals.

What are your favorite health trends?

I absolutely love adaptogens - mushrooms are magic. I try to stay gluten/dairy/sugar free to stay away from inflammatory foods in general. I also try to drink a green juice a day, and workout 3-5x week. I LOVE Pure Barre. It’s a format that truly works for my body and makes me feel lean, strong, and powerful.

What is your personal motto?

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual beings having a human experience.

What is your favorite Instagram account that you follow and why?

Gala Darling -  she’s sexy meets smart, a little goth and a little irreverent. Her message is “Radical Self Love” and she oozes authenticity.

What is your favorite SOCIAL wine flavor?

Hibiscus Cucumber.

What speaks to you most about SOCIAL?

The mission that you can incorporate fun into your lifestyle, the feminine branding and the mission of the founder and CEO Leah to spread light while creating authentic experiences. She’s a badass.

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