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Why Everyone Needs More Almonds in Their Everyday Life

Almonds are originally from China and Central Asia and were used while traveling the “silk road” between Asia and The Mediterranean. Now, Almonds are commonly found everywhere and are largely used in various healthy recipes or as a quick snack! However, many people do not know of all the different benefits the almond possesses.  


Let’s see all that the almond has to offer!


  • Almonds are packed with nutrients. They are high in healthy monosaturated fats, fiber, protein, and nutrients,
  • Almonds have a ton of antioxidants. They can protect your cells from oxidative damage – super beneficial for preventing aging and disease (say bye to those wrinkles!)
  • Almonds are good for your blood sugar. They are high in magnesium – a great help with your metabolism and type 2 diabetes!
  • Almonds can lower blood pressure levels. These lowered blood pressure levels could help reduce the potential of heart disease!
  • Almonds reduce hunger. This means, no more overeating and much less caloric intake!


Almonds are paired with coconuts in our toasted almond coconut wine! Perfect for mixing or drinking on its own for a relaxing night in! Check out our article about coconuts for more information on further benefits!

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