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Take it All Off

Hello, February. Maybe it’s just my Facebook feed, but I’ve been targeted heavily with lingerie ads. Have you noticed it, too? 'Tis the season, I suppose.  As a result, I’ve acquired a few new cheeky lace underthings. Whether you’ve gotten your date night or Galentine’s on, you’ve likely dialed up everything for a night or two this month. You know, the makeup and the sexy layers underneath. But what happens at the end of the night? Do you take it all off? I mean, your makeup. Every last swipe of eyeliner? Are you washing your face no matter the situation?

While I might take it to the extreme – I’ve been known to pack a Clarisonic in my “spending the night purse” – removing your makeup at the end of the night leads to feeling more confident and comfortable the next morning. Hey, I get it. Sometimes that extra step is too much and it doesn’t happen.  Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics, authors some sage advice in her book, Skin Cleanse. As she says, if you’re going to be “lazy” about makeup removal, eye makeup is actually the least of your worries. The more makeup sits on our skin and the more we layer it on without truly removing, the more it builds. In a pinch, Adina recommends even grabbing olive oil and a cotton ball. “You don’t need to worry about washing them off. Just keep wiping until the makeup is gone and the cotton ball looks clean,” she explains.

I mean, everyone has olive oil in their pantry, right?

If raiding your date’s cabinets aren’t quite your speed, there are some other options. RMS Beauty Coconut Oil Wipesare a 100% eco-friendly towelette that has just the right amount of coconut oil to remove all of your makeup and moisturize your face at the same time. Or, there’s the mini 2oz jar of Cocovit Coconut Oil– also made in Chicago – that can double as a lip and hand balm for those times you aren’t trying to remove makeup.

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