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My Favorite Fashion Quotes

By Mischaela Advani | @TheBCBlonde

Inspirational quotes are generally everyone's cup of tea...but when you're a die-hard fashionista like myself...your inspirational quotes tend to be fashion mantras. Here are some of my favorites!

I TRULY identify with this statement that Yves Saint Laurent made in the 1950s. Fashions come and go, and to change your sense of style with them is to be a leaf caught in the wind. Style is eternal and more concrete. Style is what is unmistakably you.

This Katharine Hepburn quote is my style mantra. While it's important to be work and event appropriate, if you're wearing a black button down suit and white oxford with sensible shoes day in and day out...where's the fun! This can also be applied to life....write your own rules!

This wouldn't be a proper fashion quote round up without a great bit of wisdom from Coco Chanel. When she said, " I don't do fashion. I am fashion." I couldn't help but agree. I feel sometimes like I live it, breathe it, and speak it. It's more than a hobby or creative outlet...it's a part of my DNA!


I would have to agree with Bill Blass. Fashion isn't contrived and thought of in think tanks. It comes instinctually, it just IS. If you're trying to find the right equation for the most stylish outfit...you're doing it all wrong! You have to feel it!

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