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Wedding season is finally in full swing! For all the brides out there, our SOCIAL Babe this May, Rynell Cook, has some awesome tips! Rynell is the ultimate boss babe – raising 2 kids, working full-time for UGG, and planning her own wedding! On top of all of this, she still manages to live a healthy pescatarian lifestyle AND keep up with her fitness. We are so excited we had the chance to interview her to get some advice for all of you from such a hardworking & empowering SOCIAL Babe and SOCIAL Bride!


What does a typical day in your life look like?

A typical day is usually at a pace of 100MPH! I'm a full-time working mom (UGG Product Line Manager) which is a super fun job - I get to create footwear for a living! Cameron and I have 2 little ones: Kensington (2.5 YO) and Titus (9 months old) so we're all up by 6am! We're usually rushing to get everyone fed, dressed and ready for the day! Out the door by 7:50am for 2 different daycare drop-offs! We both work at UGG and we're usually at our office around 8:30am. I try my best to run or workout at lunch (thankfully we have a gym at work!). We both leave work at 5pm to pick-up the kiddos, followed by a rush to get dinner made, a little playtime or walk around the neighborhood then baths, books and bed! Once the kids head to bed - it's cleanup time, make lunches for the next day and if I'm not too exhausted - I'll work on the wedding stuff before heading to bed!


What are some of your passions?

Living a healthy life – I’m pescatarian (since 2008) and love learning about health & wellness! I also love taking boot camp classes, yoga, spin, hike, etc! Being active helps me re-center myself and keeps the endorphins flowing! It goes without saying – but I’m also passionate about my family, being a good partner and mother!


What was the easiest part about planning the wedding? 

The easiest part of the planning was to simply go “non-traditional.” For Cameron and I, we decided that we wanted to have our children together first – then do the marriage later. He really wanted to elope but that didn’t sit right with me. We compromised on a very intimate ceremony with only our parents, siblings and 1 friend each. We’ll follow that up with a fun “marriage celebration” which will include cocktails, dinner and dancing with our closest 120 friends and family! No first dance, no wedding cake – a simple night of celebrating our love for each other with our village!


What was the hardest part about the planning process?

The hardest part of the planning process was narrowing it down to WHERE & WHEN. We were engaged for nearly 10 months before we decided on May 25, 2019 right here in our hometown of Santa Barbara, California!


Who are your biggest influences?

Marianne Williamson, Janet Lansbury, Gabby Bernstein, Melissa Wood Health, just to name a few!


What are you most looking forward to when your big day arrives? 

Our intimate marriage ceremony! I’m happy that we decided to keep it small so that we can comfortably share our vows to one another. It’s also incredibly special that our children will be there as we get married! To me, above anything else – I’m honored that we can be an example of love to our children. I’m also looking forward to having Brett Hunter play acoustic guitar at our ceremony and cocktail hour!


Do you have any advice for brides just starting to plan their own weddings?

Be true to what YOU and your fiancé want in a marriage celebration! Listen to your gut and know that your family & friends will respect your wishes because the special day is truly about you and your lifetime commitment for one another! Oh, and if you can pull it off – get a wedding coordinator!


What speaks to you most about SOCIAL?

I’m SOCIAL’s #1 fan for so many reasons! Great taste, organic, low-cal and one of the “healthiest drink options” on the market targeted to women, what’s not to love??? I’m so proud of my best friend, Leah who created this amazing brand!


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