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SOCIAL Babe Spotlight: Lauren Lopriore (@livandlet.ttbc)

Meet our SOCIAL Babe of the month, Lauren Lopriore. Stay-at-home mom, female entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor.

In 2019, Lauren started “Liv & Let”- Thriving Through Breast Cancer (LivandLet.com). This was only four years after she was diagnosed with stage 3 triple positive breast cancer. This allowed her to share her story and talk about being a young adult cancer survivor.

This blog is filled with posts about her cancer experience, a calendar of support events, a list of resources for previvors, survivors and caregivers, and product recommendations

We were are honored to chat with Lauren and learn more about whats next for this inspiring woman! You can read our interview with her below:

What's a typical day in your life look like?

A typical day in my life is waking up in the morning at my home in Chicago to a beautiful singing 2.5 year old. We start with a healthy breakfast, playtime and then get ready for outdoor activities. Most of my days during the week are filled with toddler tunes and toys. When I have a "me day" I usually will take a yoga or pilates reformer class, find a new spot for lunch and work on Liv & Let and Giv. In the evening, my family enjoys dinner together.  I enjoy music with old CDs, records as well as playing the guitar or keyboard.  On the weekends it's family time. My husband, daughter and I enjoy breakfast out, venturing to new places, hiking or taking neighborhood walks. We are also jet setters, exploring new vacation spots, as well as foodies tasting new dishes.

What are some of your passions?

My biggest passion is spending time with my family. My husband and daughter mean the world to me. I also love good music, playing the piano and guitar, and the creative world of art. Traveling to new places is another passion of mine whether it's to other neighborhoods in Chicago or across the country. I enjoy learning about cultures, seeing new museums, parks, bridges, etc. and exploring new worlds.

When were you diagnosed with Breast Cancer and tell us about your journey.

In September of 2014, I found a lump under my arm and on my right breast. It took until February of 2015 to be diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer; estrogen, progesterone, and Her-2 positive. I would later find out I was also positive for the BRCA (breast cancer) gene. My treatment regimen moved forward quickly. Before I started I went through IVF (In Vetro Fertilization) to save my eggs before they would be destroyed by chemo. I then went through 6 intense chemotherapy treatments (Taxotere® +  Perjeta®) , Herceptin® -a 12 month treatment targeting the HER2 positive cells, a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, and completed 30 rounds of radiation. A year from my diagnosis, I completed my treatment and entered into survivorship.

What is Liv & Let?

Liv and Let is dedicated to giving strength and hope to those affected by breast cancer- previvors, survivors and caregivers. By nurturing and providing comprehensive knowledge, the hope is to provide emotional, mental and physical support a well as essential items to thrive through treatment and survivorship.
Check out all the info about Liv & Let here: https://www.livandlet.com/

What are ways people can support or donate?

People can support by sharing LivandLet.com with those loved ones in their life that have been impacted by cancer.  Also encourage others to share their story of being a previvor, survivor or caregiver to help support and inspire others.
Click here to donate: https://www.livandlet.com/giv

What are some lessons or words of encouragement you would like to share to other women battling Breast Cancer?

I was asked what lesson I learned a year after my diagnosis and I said "attitude is everything." I still believe this even though it's truly hard to be positive with a cancer diagnosis. Your support system might be big or small, but you alone are the only one who knows how you feel. You are allowed to be sad, mad, and anxious, but accepting the fear and having an attitude that can get you through each day I believe is what helped me get through my treatment.
Another lesson I learned is to keep people around you that are encouraging and positive and are there for you on the good and bad days. 

Explore therapy - acupuncture, massage and one on one. 

Keep moving! All through chemo treatment I was exhausted, but moving kept me going. After surgery, moving helped me heal. During radiation, walking to and from my appointments gave me time to breath. 

When it comes to being diagnosed, the most important thing is taking care of you. I didn’t learn this until a few years later. Self care has become an important part of my life.

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are those who have taken the lemons in their lives and made them into lemonade. There are many survivors and caregivers (friends and family) that I have met over the past few years that have taken a cancer diagnosis (or illness of another kind) and their experience and turned it into business - for profit and nonprofit to support other survivors.

Recently I've been reading my daughter a book on Amelia Earhart and her words have really resonated with me as I continue to live each and every day as a woman, survivor, wife and mother. 

“Never let anyone stop you. Whatever your dream is, chase it. Work hard for it. You will find it. It is the best lesson I can give you.” Amelia Earhart. “ I hope you remember that the greatest flight you’ll ever take, is the one no one has tried before.” Amelia Earhart.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is to expand Giv to become Liv Let and Giv . Currently Giv is a thoughtful build your own caring crates service for those impacted by cancer. Liv Let and Giv is a shop providing essential items to thrive through cancer treatment, survivorship, prevention as well as caregiving.The products that have been chosen come from companies that directly support those diagnosed with cancer, have been started by cancer survivors, are owned by women, use natural materials, manufacture in the USA, or give back in some way. Individual items as well as crates can be purchased for self-care, love and support. Personally, my husband and I are looking to grow our family and to continue taking adventures where car trips can take us. 

Please check out LivandLet.com/Giv for more information.

What speaks to you most about SOCIAL?

When I found SOCIAL, I was immediately drawn to the word clean in front of alcohol as well as gluten free. During my cancer treatment, I was advised to stay away from alcohol especially during chemotherapy. After treatment a nice rum and ginger ale and a glass of wine sure sounded nice. I was very focused on making sure that I continued to take care of my health and only put in my body what made me feel good. Finding SOCIAL has given me the opportunity to enjoy a tasty beverage with friends and family in a clean way. The flavors are absolutely delicious and I look forward to sharing my new find with others - especially the cancer community!
Be sure to follow along with Lauren's journey by visiting her website livandlet.com and following her on Instagram @livandlet.ttbc and Facebook 
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