Leah Caplanis set out to create an alcoholic option. This brings people together to connect and enjoy life. It also does not impact their next day's activities. Read below to find out more about how SOCIAL first started!

At 26, Leah was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

She’d spent 8 years in the corporate world working for a Large Food Company selling brands she didn’t believe in. Healthy eating has always been a passion of hers and selling something she wasn’t in alignment with was making her stressed, run down, and uninspired.

With life on the line, Leah renewed her commitment to wellness.

She educated herself at the Hippocrates Health Institute and Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics, and experienced first hand holistic modalities such as Ayervedic, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Sound Therapy and more.