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Whole Foods: Canned Wines to Imported Beers

Looking for something new and trendy to spice up your dinner with family and friends? Here's our 2018 guide for picking trendy boozes. From canned wines to new and exciting imported beers- you'll be sure to find something to love at your local Whole Foods Market.


1. Canned Wines

Canned wines took over the market in 2017 and it's here to stay. Packaged for its' convenience and value, canned wines are perfect for a day out picnicking or taking to the beach. Traditional glass bottles are heavy and can be easily broken if not careful, that's something you don't have to worry about with cans. Now with variety packs, you can even pick them up for larger dinner parties. Guests will surely enjoy the different variety and the personalized touch it gives.

2. Mexican Imports

If your busy schedule isn't allowing you to take some time off, you can still take your palate on vacation. If you're a beer lover- you'll love the new refreshing Mexican Imports that are lower in alcohol content and calories. Pair it with your favorite Mexican cuisine and take yourself on a mini vaycay.

3. Ready to Drink Cocktails

Want to enjoy a glass or two of delicious cocktails? Gone are the days where you're picking up ingredients to make them. Try some of your favorites in a prepackaged form to save time. New options in the market combine your favorite cocktails with bubbly seltzer for a refreshing take on those traditional drinks.

4. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wines

Modern day bourbon barrel-aged wines are made to intensify the flavors in your favorites like- Cabernet, Zinfandel, Red Blends, and Chardonnay. Barrels create bold, rich flavors in the wine that will surely spice up any dinner table. Pair it with Gluten-Free Veggie Noodles with Turkey Mini-Meatballsand and have yourself a delicious meal.

5. Spritzers

Love the refreshing feeling you get from drinking sparkling water? Hard-spritzers with a low calorie count can now give you the same feel! Bring a can (who am I kidding, bring a case) of SOCIAL to the beach and you'll have a refreshing and bubbly treat while you soak in all the sunshine.


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