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The Perfect Pairing!

With the holidays just around the corner we've decided to help you with one small, but crucial aspect of the holiday season. Wine and cheese pairings! While SOCIAL isn't your typical wine beverage, it can still be enjoyed as one. Bring a little variety to your holiday charcuterie plate with these 4 unique wine and cheese pairings!
Hibiscus Cucumber + Feta
Hibiscus Cucumber + Feta
The Greeks were onto something when pairing these two foods together. Feta and cucumbers are a match made in heaven and can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways! A cucumber slice with a small block of feta and a drizzle of EVOO is our favorite. Add Hibiscus Cucumber to your wine glass and you have the perfect little snack!
Elderflower Apple + Gouda
 Elderflower Apple + Gouda
Elderflower Apple is a perfect sipping companion for a nice buttery slice of gouda. Just a simple slice on a butter cracker or even on a cold slice of apple! SOCIAL's take on hard cider has never tasted better! 
Strawberry Rose + Creamy Ricotta
Strawberry Rose + Creamy Ricotta
 This pairing is more on the sweet side and is a wonderful option for a dessert dish. A small dollop of ricotta on a sweet biscuit with a drizzle of honey and a glass of Strawberry Rose is the perfect way to cap off a holiday get-together! 
Pink Grapefruit Ginger + Brie Cheese
 Pink Grapefruit Ginger + Brie Cheese
Our Pink Grapefruit Ginger in not one to skimp on the ginger, so a nice mild wheel of brie is the way to go. Brie has a creamy, almost earthy taste so this pairing really lets the wine's flavor shine through! 
Don't forget to stock up on SOCIAL this holiday season! Click HERE to find a retailer nearest you or order from our online store! Happy Holidays
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