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The 3 Key Ingredients to the Perfect Girl’s Night In with Social

The girl's night in is a tried-and-true ritual that women have been engaging in since girlhood.

Remember giggling over bowls of popcorn, cartoon movies, and whispered secrets? That might have been awhile ago, but look around at your girl's night: how much has really changed?

As sleeping bags turn to throw blankets and iPhone alarms wake us up instead of parents, there are three ingredients that have become key in any woman's "girls night in with Social Sparkling Wine.

1.Cute, but comfy clothes

Nothing is better than finally catching up with your friends after it's been forever,and of course you want to look cute.

However, it's a girls night in -- this is all about relaxing and releasing the inhibitions of the week. There's no need for uncomfortable heels or too-tight tops. Pop on a super comfy t-shirt and settle in on the couch.

2. Candles

Here at SOCIAL, we love candles. (hyperlink to partner candle website).  However, we don't love the substances some candle brands give off.

Soy-based candles are key for a perfect girls night in because when these candles burn, they burn "clean". You might be wondering what that means.

According to Livestrong, soy candles are made from soybeans rather than petroleum, which is what paraffin candles from mainstream brands like Yankee Candle are made from. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource that contains carcinogenic (i.e, cancer-causing) substances. This fact makes soy-based candles a key choice.

Additionally, soybeans are often grown from soy farmers who are part of local agricultural networks.  By choosing soy candles, you can guarantee you are not releasing carcinogenic substances into your air while also supporting local farmers.

By grounding our intentions and focusing on what we can control, we can be more balanced.

3. SOCIAL & Snacks

Finally, what's a good girl's night without snacks and drinks?

Whether you and your #girlgang are spending your night in watching The Bachelorette, discussing your latest book club read, or playing video games, every gal needs fuel for her and her friends' GNI. That's where we come in.

With fun, refreshing flavors like Hibiscus Cucumber, SOCIAL is the perfect companion to a night in.

What do you and your friends like to do for a girls night in? Definitely share below!


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