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Take On Travel Like A Boss: 5 Genius Tips from a Jet-Setting CEO

It’s no secret that traveling can be stressful. Flying from city to city on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis can throw your body out of whack. No matter how long the flight is, you can’t help but feel tired, groggy, and somewhat annoyed when you step off of an airplane. From going on a sales call, to gearing up for a big speaking event, it’s time to turn traveling into a productive day on-the-go. Here are 5 go-to tips to make business travel a breeze.


  1. Download Apps To Make Your Life Easier


Half the battle of traveling is dealing with an environment you don’t have control over. Download your airline app to make check-in easy and receive updates. Download Spotify and create a soothing playlist with songs that will help you focus and drown out noisy passengers. Download Uber or Lyft so you can set up a ride fast and hit the ground running!


  1. Use Travel Time To Unwind


Give yourself a break! Use your time on the plane to relax. It’s one of the few places that you can really unplug from your busy life. Listen to music, watch a movie, or read a book. It’s your time to enjoy the simple things. You can even close your eyes and meditate.


  1. Stay Hydrated for Health


I can’t stress the importance of hydration on a normal day, but when traveling, drinking water will make an incredible difference for your physical being and mental clarity. The air you breathe on airplanes is incredibly dry. Staying hydrated will help prevent dry skin and bloating and keep your mind sharp. Make sure you pack some snacks too! It’s no surprise that airport food options do no good for your health (or wallet!).


  1. Stretch


Our bodies were not made to be sedentary. In fact, more and more studies are showing how unhealthy sitting is for us! But obviously, when traveling, you’re forced to sit for long periods of time. Prep your body for little movement with some serious stretching before your flight. Take ten minutes and run through a few of your favorite yoga poses! When you hop off the plane, get outside and touch the earth. Grounding or earthing has been used for centuries to give your body energy. After being stuck on an airplane, your mind and body will thank you for connecting with Mother Nature.


  1. Steer Clear of Caffeine


The mere thought of skipping a post-flight coffee might be straight up crazy to some people but in the long run, passing on afternoon caffeine will make falling asleep so much easier. Going from one time zone to another confuses your internal clock. If you fuel your body with coffee when your body needs to catch up, your sleep may be affected. 


Being a frequent traveler doesn’t need to be stressful. Get organized, focus on your purpose, and enjoy the ride!

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  • Yes on Number 2! I do this exact thing when traveling for work. Used to be all about getting ahead on the plane but realized that was only exhausting me more. All of these are great tips! 💖


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