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SOCIAL Sparkling Wine: Organic Wine Brand Launches Limited Edition Flavor

SOCIAL Sparkling Wine Pumpkin Chai flavor to be released exclusively for Fall

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS October 2, 2018 SOCIAL Sparkling Wine, an organic wine brand based in Chicago, recently announced the debut of their new limited edition Fall flavor: Pumpkin Chai. Pumpkin Chai is delicately spiced and lightly sweetened with notes of creamy vanilla, cinnamon, and organic pumpkin.

The new drink contains all the same benefits as the other flavors released from the brand previously. It is all organic, gluten-free, sulfite-free, and low in sugars and carbs. However, each drink has their own special ingredient that has different positive health impacts. Pumpkin is packed with a ton of new and different benefits. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, may protect eyesight, and promotes heart health. Since the goal and mission of the brand is to provide a healthy drink option that is good for the body, Pumpkin Chai fits right in.


After trying Pumpkin Chai, many customers had a lot of positive words about the product. SOCIAL Sparkling Wine consumer Debbie D. expressed her excitement about the new product, “This is my official drink for the holidays….light, refreshing, and festive! I can’t get enough of it!” Pumpkin Chai was released right in October as a drink to be consumed during the fall season and the upcoming holiday months. It can be seen on the SOCIAL Sparkling Wine blog page featured in a pumpkin pie martini cocktail.  

SOCIAL Sparkling Wine fans and pumpkin lovers can find the product in a variety of retailers across the country. The brand hopes to spread the word about their new product via social media, blogging, and events. There is no specific date put in place yet in regards to the life-span of the product. That said, the brand is calling it a limited-edition flavor and it will not be joining the other flavors permanently.


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