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SOCIAL at the 40th Chicago Marathon

The enormous hall that housed the Expo buzzed with excitement and was packed to the walls with marathon runners, spectators, and vendors. As I walked down the isle way, so many vendors handed me cups, food samples, socks, let's just say I was already enjoying myself. After searching through the sea of pop up booths and stores, I found myself at SOCIAL's little corner. It was already one p.m., and the girls who were working the morning said they had been very busy. I mean who wouldn't want a few free sips of booze before they run 26.2 miles??

We were all so excited to share our brand with the marathon runners and watchers! Although I can't say I run 18 miles for my training runs, I appreciate the healthy alcoholic option as much as the next girl These tough individuals gathering in Chicago seemed to feel the same way! Before we knew it, the tasting line was stacking up two booths down. It was tough because I wanted to take my time talking about the fun elements of SOCIAL, but we did have to move down the line eventually.

Our entire weekend was filled with all things marathon. On Friday and Saturday, our SOCIAL staff was working our booth at the Expo to spread the word and get to know some of our amazing customers.

"They should had this at the water stops!"

"I want to put this in my water bottle!"

We love to hear this kind of thing from our SOCIAL family, and maybe we can talk about this at next year's marathon ;)

 The thing I was excited for the most, however, didn't come until Sunday. That's when we set ourselves up at the finish line party to congratulate those amazing athletes and solute them with a bit of SOCIAL as well. The treat was well deserved!

Overall, the 2017 Chicago Marathon was a huge success and so much fun for all of us here at SOCIAL. When the weekend was over, we first got our rest, then were back at the office Monday to recap the weekend's activities, and talk about next year!

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