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Introducing Elderflower

More flowers! I know right? But you know why we keep putting flowers in our SOCIAL beverages? Because we just can't get enough of their amazing super-food qualities. Our newest flavor, Elderflower Apple, doesn’t just fit right in with the fall-esque season; It can give you an easy choice to make during this season of sinful treats.

As much as we all love fall, the change of season can brings allergy and cold season right along with it. Lucky for SOCIAL drinkers, when you sip on our "clean hard cider", know that you are also taking a step to protect yourself. The antibacterial and anti viral properties of Elderflower are great for maintaining healthy sinuses.

This flower also benefits your digestion. In a season when every meal is combined with chocolate, pumpkin and sugar on top, meals can leave you feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Let's just say that elderflower does its part to keep things moving, and keeps you from feeling weighed down!

Like hibiscus in our original flavor of SOCIAL, elderflower also has great antioxidant properties. Antioxidant elements fight the free radicals that we come in contact with every day from pollution in our environment and processes within your body. They prevent cell damage that free radicals can cause, protecting you from long term chronic or age-related health problems.

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