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Creating the Ideal

Ok ladies, you’ve applied your passions, paired them with your skill set and conducted market research to find your target audience. Now what?

First of all, these are all great steps in the right direction. Sit back and enjoy a can of SOCIAL, you deserve it! If you hit any speed bumps along the way, I’m more than happy to help.

Next, take a look at what you’ve got and decide how you can make the ideal product. Ask yourself the following questions: What can make my product better than the leading product? What feedback did I receive from my market research? What do people want? How can I provide it for them? What do they like about certain products?

Say you’re passionate about the environment and you’re great at styling hair. Take that passion and your skill and create the best product for your target audience. For example:

You want to create an eco-friendly hair gel for women. What are some things women typically look for when purchasing hair gel? I would say scent, texture and hold. So, you want to create a product that smells great, holds for eight hours and isn’t sticky in your hair.

Brainstorm ways to create a product that is inspirational, innovative and something that has never been done before! Ask yourself the questions above and share your answers below! I’d love to discuss your ideal product ideas.

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